chevron el segundo distributes more than $19,000 in college scholarships

The Chevron El Segundo Refinery presented over $19,000 in scholarships to local high school students at awards ceremonies held in June 2018.

Irene Arden Lee from El Segundo High School and Jillian Reed from Mira Costa High School in Manhattan Beach were each awarded $5,000 scholarships. Irene and Jillian will use these funds to help towards their college tuition.

The following students also received one-time scholarships from Chevron El Segundo:

  • Danielle Cummings – Arena High School
  • Kristyonah Donnelly – Arena High School
  • Keely Dubberly – Arena High School
  • Lucia Fiallos – Arena High School
  • Brett Quesada – Arena High School
  • Sean Harrod – DaVinci Schools
  • Jose Yanez – DaVinci Schools
  • Lionel Quintanilla – DaVinvi Schools
  • Benjamin Kooper – El Segundo High School
  • David Mason – Hawthorne High School
  • Julian Sanchez – Hawthorne High School
  • Korie Christopher Westbrook – King Drew Magnet High School
  • Ethelbert Anum – King Drew Magnet High School
  • Juanwon Anderson-Verdell – Inglewood High School
  • Nelly De Arcos – Lawndale High School
  • Michelle Tran – Lawndale High School 
  • Ray Hyun Kim – Mira Costa High School
  • Cameron Wong – Redondo Union High School

These students were chosen based on their academic potential, with an emphasis on science and math, as well as their leadership commitment in high school and community activities.