on-site fire department

Chevron's El Segundo Onsite Fire Department

The El Segundo Refinery has an on-site Industrial Fire Department comprised of full-time career personnel who are trained and certified firefighters and EMTs. The Fire Department is managed by a Fire Chief with a shift Battalion Chief on each of the four rotating crews that serve as the Incident Commander during emergencies. Additionally, there are volunteer Emergency Response Team members (ERT) from within the various work groups of the refinery who are trained to work collaboratively with the Fire Department. The Chevron Fire Department also regularly holds training sessions and drills in conjunction with local fire departments to evaluate and improve firefighting procedures specific to potential refinery emergencies.

Each Fire Department member receives training commensurate to the duties and functions they are expected to perform. This includes but is not limited to: CPR, first aid, strategies and tactics for dealing with flammable liquids and gas (LPG) fires, Incident Command System (ICS), storage tank emergencies, hose handling, master stream devices and water management, portable fire extinguishers and teamwork. Personnel that are responsible for the supervision or direction of the ERT receive additional training.

Robert and Dylan Taylor

Career Firefighters are trained to the hazardous materials “Technician” level, with some members trained to the “Specialist” level. Additional training consists of advanced interior structural firefighting and confined space rescue operations. Battalion Chiefs are trained to the “Incident Commander” level. ERT members are trained to the “First Responder Operations” and “Decon” level at a minimum, with some receiving the “Industrial Technician” level.

A large percentage of time spent by the career staff is in prevention related activities such as administering the hot work and confined space permit system and ensuring the fire water system is maintained in an optimal state.