Berm at the El Segundo Refinery


The refinery recycles everything from laser toner cartridges to newspaper. Our current diversion rate is over 80 percent and ever improving. Our efforts haven’t gone unnoticed: we’ve won 15 WRAP (Waste Reduction Awards Program) awards from the California Integrated Waste Management Board for our conservation efforts.

minimizing and managing waste

Proper waste minimization and management are high priorities for the El Segundo Refinery. Employees are always working to find better ways to reduce hazardous waste and, by following a waste management hierarchy, reduce what’s generated, treat what remains, and dispose of what’s left. Since 1995, the refinery has cut the generation of hazardous waste in half.

recycled and reclaimed water

Over 80 percent of the water used in refinery processes and landscaping is recycled or reclaimed water which costs about the same as fresh water. Using reclaimed water helps our environment by significantly reducing the treated waste water discharged into the Santa Monica Bay.