Historic El Segundo Refinery

1879 - 1920

1879 The Pacific Coast Oil Company was the forerunner of the Standard Oil Company of California.
1879 Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company opens a marketing office in San Francisco.
1900 Standard Oil buys Pacific Coast Oil Co. and funds the largest refinery in California in Richmond.
1906 The name of the company was changed to Standard Oil Company (California).
1911 El Segundo was selected as the site for the second refinery in California.

1930 - 1990

1931 The first “chevron” emblem. A three-bar chevron is chosen to identify the company’s service stations.
1945 During World War II, the famous “winged V” was adopted for the fourth letter in “Chevron,” to suggest the company’s deep commitment to the war effort.
1984 The majority of the company’s operations and products were using the “Chevron” name; on July 1, 1984, Standard Oil Company of California was changed to Chevron Corporation.
1984 The company merged with Gulf Oil.

2000 - present

2001 In October, 2001, the company merged with Texaco and Caltex to become ChevronTexaco.
2005 The company acquired Unocal Corporation, which strengthened Chevron’s position as an energy industry leader, and enhanced its oil and natural gas assets around the world.
2005 The company name was changed to Chevron to convey a clearer, stronger and more unified presence around the world.
2011 The Chevron El Segundo Refinery celebrates 100 years of operation.