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Chevron El Segundo Presents More than $19,000 in College Scholarships to Local High School Students

Chevron Products Company handed out over $19,000 in scholarships to local high school students at awards ceremonies held in June.

$5,000 scholarships were awarded to Melisa Montalvo from El Segundo High School and Ryan Cosner from Mira Costa High School. Melisa and Ryan will use these funds to help towards their college tuition. 


The following students also received one-time scholarships from the energy company:


Mai Nojima, Mira Costa High

Eric Sevilla, El Segundo High

Luke Stevens, Redondo Union High

Matthew Cardozo, Hawthorne High

Augustine Dao, Hawthorne High

Maya Zeng, Leuzinger High

Jose Presiado, Leuzinger High

Gloria Garcia, Lawndale High

Adrionna Bland, Inglewood High School

Cortni Bardier, King/Drew Magnet High of Medicine and Science

Temidayo Adegbenro, King/Drew Magnet High of Medicine and Science

Destiny Jackson, King/Drew Magnet High of Medicine and Science


These students were chosen based on their academic potential, with an emphasis on science and math, as well as their leadership commitment in high school and community activities.


Chevron’s Fuel Your School Program Returns to Los Angeles County


Chevron U.S.A. Inc. today announced the second annual launch of its Fuel Your School program in select cities in and around the South Bay area of Los Angeles County. This year, the program will expand to 22 U.S. communities to give educators necessary tools for students to learn, explore, and get excited about school. Chevron encourages STEM-related projects, to help prepare students for jobs of the future.


“At Chevron, we are committed to our youth’s future – and to helping ensure teachers and students at our local public schools have the resources they need,” said Frank Semancik, general manager of the Chevron, El Segundo refinery. “The Fuel Your School program will help provide the promising young minds in our communities with the tools and materials they need for success.”


Last year, Chevron helped fund projects in 133 public schools in Los Angeles County. This year, Chevron will contribute $1 to help fund eligible classroom projects when consumers purchase 8 or more gallons of fuel from Oct. 1 to Oct. 31 at participating Chevron and Texaco stations, up to a total contribution of $500,000 in select cities in and around the South Bay area of Los Angeles County alone.


In the U.S., Fuel Your School is an innovative collaboration between Chevron and, an online charity that makes it easy for anyone to help students in need. The program is committed to providing local public school students with the tools and resources needed to help them achieve academic success.


"During the Fuel Your School program, filling up at Chevron means filling local classrooms with the resources to help students and teachers succeed,” said Charles Best, founder and CEO of “Fuel Your School makes it easy for Chevron customers to see their real-time impact on classrooms in their community.”


All year, public school teachers across the U.S. post classroom project requests on, ranging from calculators, to microscopes, and even glowing bacteria. One of those requests came from Rosey Hernandez, a teacher at Kit Carson Elementary, who lacked the resources to expose students to engaging and effective scientific activities. With the help of the Fuel Your School program, she and her students received hands-on teaching tools, allowing her students to deepen their understanding of math and science fundamentals.


“These resources helped my students learn the fundamentals of math and science and it will continue to enhance their interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) related projects,” said Rosey Hernandez. “Having these resources in my classroom enhanced their critical thinking skills now and in the future.”


Since its inception in 2010, Fuel Your School has helped fund 17,163 classroom projects at 3,196 schools. The program has grown annually to support students throughout the communities in which Chevron operates, reaching 940,440 students last year. Chevron also supports similar marketer co-funded programs in Midland and Ector counties, Texas; Del Norte, Humboldt, Lake and Mendocino counties (North Coast), California; Ada and Canyon counties, Idaho; Colbert, Franklin, Lauderdale and Lawrence counties (Northwest), Georgia; Jackson and Josephine counties, Oregon; and Yuma County, Arizona, as well as similar international programs in Burnaby, Surrey, White Rock, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, and Coquitlam, British Columbia; Johor and Kedah, Malaysia; and parts of Singapore, Thailand, New Zealand, and the Philippines.


Beginning Sept. 1, 2014, public school teachers in select cities in and around the South Bay area of Los Angeles County are invited to post eligible classroom project requests at for possible funding as part of the Fuel Your School program.


By visiting consumers can monitor the classroom projects in need of funding and see how much money is being earned for public schools. Donations earned through Fuel Your School will be used to help fund eligible classroom projects from Oct. 2 through Nov. 30, 2014, or until generated funds have been exhausted by eligible projects. Anyone, including consumers and Chevron employees, may also independently browse and fund inspiring classroom projects on by making separate, individual donations.


Visit to hear Oprah Winfrey and Stephen Colbert tell the story.


Visitors Get First-Hand Look at the El Segundo Refinery

Community Tour Day


On November 9, the Chevron El Segundo Refinery opened its doors to over 900 visitors during its annual Community Tour Day. Guests were provided with an hour-long bus tour which began with a welcome from Frank Semancik, El Segundo Refinery General Manager. Each tour was narrated by one of the refinery’s best tour guides.


At the conclusion of each tour, visitors had the opportunity to view the Coke Drum Movement video that showcases the amazing voyage the six new coke drums took on their way to the El Segundo Refinery.


Hosting Community Tour Day is part of the refinery’s efforts to maintain an open door policy with refinery neighbors, and to provide information about the facility’s operations, safety and environmental performance.


Chevron Announces $1.6 Million in New Education Funding For South Bay Schools

Chevron representatives joined business and education leaders from across the South Bay on July 10, 2013, to announce $1.6 million in education grants to local schools by the El Segundo Refinery. This new round of grants build on the company’s previous funding for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education programs, bringing the refinery’s four year local STEM initiative investments to over $6 million. “Education is fundamental to maintain our state’s competitiveness and as a California company we take great pride in our local STEM partnerships,” said Frank Semancik, General Manager of the Chevron El Segundo Refinery.

“Chevron’s education support has been a cornerstone of the facility’s 100 year history in the region, said Dr. Geoff Yantz, Superintendant of the El Segundo Unified School District. “Supporting our schools emphasis on STEM curriculum is both valuable and critical to our future.”

“We are making significant investments in technology and advanced processes here at the refinery,” said Semancik. “These grants are an investment in helping students prepare for increasingly technical careers.”

Among the grant recipients is the Hawthorne School District, which will direct its grant funds to expand the STEM Preparatory Program at Zela Davis Elementary School. The school has an enrollment of 1,285 students where currently 91% qualify for free or reduced price lunches and 46% are classified as English learners.

“Just over a year ago we developed an ambitious school wide STEM program and the percentage of students scoring proficient or advanced on the California Standards Test (CST) has already increased from 58.9% to 69.4% in mathematics and from 35.6% to 50.3% in science from 2011 to 2012,” said Helen Morgan, Superintendent of the Hawthorne School District. “Chevron is a key community partner in this effort and these additional funds will drive our success even higher.”

The Manhattan Beach Unified School District will use its funding to provide continued support for the Chevron Futures Institute for the Advancement of Young Women and Men in Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology at the Middle School. The grant will be utilized to purchase equipment including wind tunnels, gas chromatographs, earthquake boards and optical testing tables and also support curriculum provided by the Catalina Island Marine Institute.

“Chevron’s investment in education in the South Bay supports our school districts' efforts to increase and broaden their educational offerings,” said Don Knabe, Los Angeles County Supervisor representing the County’s 4th District. “As an important contributor to the state’s economy, Chevron’s education support expands the availability of innovative K-12 education programs and helps prepare young people with the knowledge and skills needed for the jobs of tomorrow.”

Schools and programs supported by the $1.6 million grant include:

• California Academy of Math and Science
• California Science Center
• Centinela Valley Union High School District
• Da Vinci Science Academy
• El Segundo Educational Foundation
• El Segundo Unified School District
• Environmental Charter High School
• Hawthorne School District
• Hermosa Beach City School District
• Manhattan Beach Unified School District
• Manhattan Beach Education Foundation
• Project Lead the Way
• Redondo Beach Unified School District
• Roundhouse Aquarium Oceanographic Teaching Station
• South Bay Workforce Investment Board
• South Bay Regional Occupation Center
• Wiseburn School District

Sourcing the Future

Chevron ... The First 100 Years in the South Bay

To appreciate Chevron’s role in the evolution of energy technology, it is useful to have a glimpse of their past. Their history informs and plays a vital role in the history of California—and the potential of its future. It is a history that chronicles a uniquely American entrepreneurship and vision at the core of their commerce. 

Their earliest predecessor, Pacific Coast Oil Company, set up shop in 1879 in San Francisco. The Northern California landscape was fruitful in resources, and the company expanded steadily over a short period of time. With success at their Point Alameda refinery, they were able to purchase more land, lay more pipeline and introduce California’s first steel tanker in 1895, the George Loomis, which began shipping up to 6,500 barrels of crude from San Francisco to Ventura. 

With this success came more expansion, and the company began to widen the scope of their products to include the sale of gasoline and lubricants. In 1900, Pacific Coast Oil Company was acquired by Iowa Standard but retained its original name, and in 1906, the two consolidated and became Standard Oil Co. 

In 1911, the company completed construction on the El Segundo plant. By that time, Standard Oil Co. was positioned for further success, which it achieved as a result of embracing the need for scientific expertise. With an impressive array of products, extensive pipelines and marine fleets at the ready, their leadership took the vital step of building a strong team of scientists to manage the growing demand for resources. With top geologists on hand, they were able to utilize new reserves and become a leader in conserving resources. 

They expanded their fleet of tankers and, despite competition, continued to broaden their market, introducing Red Crown aviation fuel in 1918. They also established a vital component of the company by creating a line of petrochemicals that were used in both World War I and World War II. A boom in export sales during wartime resulted in the beginning of their international expansion. 

The post-war years allowed the company to continue to focus on discovering new territories and sources of energy and truly secure their legacy as a global entity. These years were marked by prodigious growth, filled with mergers and acquisitions (including Gulf, Getty and Texaco), and the navigating of international politics as the company acquired territories, including Saudi Arabia, Central America, the U.S. Gulf of Mexico and Canada.

Community Tour Day

In 1977, the company made a major organizational change in order to establish a nationwide identity and a consolidated organization. It formed Chevron U.S.A. Inc., merging six domestic oil and gas operations into one. The name “Chevron” was a natural choice, referring to the inverted chevron insignias appearing on the company’s logo. The branding appeared on the company’s products in the 1930s and has since become recognizable around the world. 

Though there are many factors that contribute to Chevron’s dramatic trajectory over time, their reliance on science has been crucial to their success. In an effort to partner with their community, Chevron recently provided a $2 million grant to South Bay schools to support various STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) programs. 

“We believe education is the cornerstone of our state’s competitiveness,” says Frank Semancik, general manager of the El Segundo refinery. “Supporting STEM is a key Chevron value as we prepare the next generation workforce for increasingly technical careers.” 

This directive allows Chevron to serve the community and ensure students receive crucial support in STEM areas. Another bonus is that these programs empower students who may not have the means or support to flourish in these classes.

The grants reach a number of middle schools and high schools in the South Bay area. The Environmental Charter High School (ECHS) will use their grant to renovate their science and math classrooms to meet the National Science and Mathematics Education Program Standards. Manhattan Beach Middle School will use their funds to sustain their Chevron Futures Institute for the Advancement of Young Women and to create a curriculum for male students. And The Da Vinci schools will apply their grant toward lab equipment for their campus-based Chevron Energy Center that focuses on the study of fossil fuels and forms of alternative energy. Other topics of study include robotics, genetic engineering, alternative energy,  ocean exploration and environmental issues. 

In addition to supporting young students, Chevron has enjoyed a highly successful partnership with El Camino Community College for 10 years. El Camino has several STEM programs in place to recruit and prepare students academically, provide resources and ultimately prepare them to transfer to competitive colleges. 

Katie Gleason, executive director of the El Camino College Foundation, explains their success: “We implemented a MESA program (Mathematics, Engineering and Science Achievement), which is highly successful. This program targets first-generation, economically disadvantaged Hispanic students to find their interest in the STEM fields. There are so many success stories because the programs help students who had no direction until they found the program and were given the tools to succeed. Chevron is really leading the way in providing critical financial support to help us serve more students and ensure our success with STEM.” There are approximately 800  students enrolled in the program, and graduates transfer to top schools.

Areas of support include a teaching lab—a math teacher training program that addresses the obstacles students and teachers encounter and ways to resolve them. They also support an intensive math summer program that prepares students for college-level math courses and summer research opportunities for transfer-ready students at universities such as UCLA and Cal Poly Pomona. 

There are several El Camino facilities that provide resources for students to refine and broaden their skill sets including a writing center, a learning resource center and the Stem Center—a state-of-the-art facility for STEM students to convene and interact with professionals in their fields. As a business leader, Chevron knows that one skill set is not enough to compete in a local or global economy; students must be dynamic, engaged and well-rounded. 

With their eye on the future and a robust business model structured on past success, Chevron looks forward to a continued—and thriving—partnership with the South Bay. This partnership will allow them to keep pace with a rapidly evolving energy landscape and uncover new sources of growth. If the past 100 years are any indication, this partnership will certainly continue to pave the way to a future ripe with progress. 


Chevron El Segundo's 100th Anniversary Open House and Community Tour Day

Tour Day

Cloudy skies and the threat of rain couldn't keep the El Segundo Refinery's 100-year anniversary Open House and Community Tour Day from going off without hitch on Saturday, November 12. More than 3,000 community members from across Southern California's South Bay Area, Chevron retirees, local civic leaders, friends and family members – as well as 200 employee volunteers – turned out for the event that was a year in the making.

Under a massive tent at Chevron Employee Park, refinery volunteers staffed 24 booths that helped event-goers better understand the company's commitment to the community and the energy industry. They answered questions about everything from the refinery's processes and products and incident- and injury-free operations to activities in the community, including support of area schools and its commitment to the environment. Also included were exhibits on the refinery's cogeneration plant, its laboratory, the Chevron Shipping Co. and El Segundo Marine Terminal, Chevron Energy Solutions, Energyville and our marketing efforts at the pump and in the store.

Students and teachers from El Segundo High School and Manhattan Beach Middle School, as well as members of the Roundhouse Marine Studies Lab and Aquarium, also turned out to staff exhibits showcasing their Chevron-supported Science, Technology, Education and Math (STEM) programs – further supporting the refinery's commitment to the community. Click here to view a video from the event.

One popular attraction was the El Segundo Refinery Historical Museum, which incldued a showcase of memorabilia from the last 100 years created by El Segundo employees, and a video of the refinery's history. Another hit – the refinery bus tours. At the end of the day, 36 one-hour tours gave about 1,900 people an upclose look at the inner workings of the refinery.

"Today, on our 100-year anniversary, I am very proud of our people now and all the generations who came before us," said El Segundo Refinery General Manager Frank Semancik. "I am also very proud of our commitment to the community and the partnerships we have developed. Here's to another 100 years of safe and reliable operations — and being a good neighbor."

Chevron El Segundo Sponsors “Summer of Celebration”

The City of El Segundo kicked off its “Summer of Celebration” series of events, sponsored by Chevron, on June 19, featuring Surfin’ Safari a Tribute to the Beach Boys, at its first of three Concerts in the Park scheduled for this summer. The two additional concerts will be held on July 17 and August 14 at Library Park in El Segundo. Other events included in the “Summer of Celebration” are the annual Fourth of July Community Celebration and Fireworks Spectacular, and Shakespeare by the Sea.

“It’s because of Chevron that we are able to continue this annual tradition of celebration,” stated El Segundo Mayor Eric Busch at the July 4 Fireworks Spectacular. “Chevron has been a great partner for the last 100 years, and we are so thankful to have them as a part of our community.”

For more information about the “Summer of Celebration” series of events sponsored by Chevron, please call 310.524.2700.

Chevron Manhattan Beach Grand Prix: 50 Years of Beachside Cycling

Men's Race Winner 
Chevron has sponsored the annual Manhattan Beach Grand Prix for the past 21 years. This year marked the 50th anniversary of the nation’s second-oldest one-day bicycle race. The Grand Prix was founded in 1962 by local racing legend Ted Ernst and, with Chevron’s support, has grown over the years to attract the world's top cyclists. Pictured above is Carlos Alzate Escobar, winner of the 2011 Men's Pro Race.  

Chevron Announces $2 Million Investment in Local Schools

Million Dollar Field Trip

On May 26, Chevron completed the distribution of its 2011 “Energy for Learning” grants delivered via a yellow school bus to South Bay schools.  The grants represent a significant increase in funding for local Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)-related education programs through Chevron’s Energy for Learning program. 

The $2 million investment is a reflection of the Chevron El Segundo Refinery’s ongoing support for education programs in the region and celebrates the facility’s 100-year anniversary in El Segundo.  The grants are part of Chevron’s California Partnership, an initiative targeting investments in education and economic development throughout the company’s home state.


“Education is the cornerstone of our state’s competitiveness,” said Frank Semancik, General Manager, Chevron El Segundo Refinery. “Supporting STEM is a key Chevron value, and these funds are truly an investment in preparing the next generation workforce for increasingly technical careers.”


Among the grant recipients is Environmental Charter High School (ECHS), which will direct its grant funds toward renovating science and math classrooms to meet the National Science and Mathematics Education Program Standards. The grant will help extend math and science education beyond the classroom through the enhancement of outdoor learning spaces at ECHS.


“STEM programs and increased student achievement are a top priority,” said Alison Suffet Diaz, Founder and Executive Director of Environmental Charter Schools. “This funding fulfills a great demand for advanced science and math classrooms since each student is required to take four years of lab courses.”


Manhattan Beach Middle School will use its grant to continue to provide support for the Chevron Futures Institute for the Advancement of Young Women in Science, Mathematics, and Technology. In addition, the school will also use a portion of the funds to create Chevron Futures Institutes curriculum for male students. With a strong emphasis on creative problem solving and teamwork, the program includes studies in robotics, genetic engineering, alternative energy, bioinformatics, telematics, astrogeology, astrophysiology, astrobiology, space and ocean exploration, and environmental issues.


“The economic growth of California is dependent upon quality education for students,” said Geoff Yantz, superintendent of El Segundo Unified School District.  “Allowing our schools to emphasize STEM curriculum helps us build a promising future.’


Another grant will be used by the Da Vinci Schools to outfit a campus-based Chevron Energy Center, which is designed to provide project-based curriculum emphasizing the chemistry fundamentals of fossil fuels and alternative energy sources. Chevron’s gift will be used to provide the school with state-of-the-art lab equipment where students will learn chemistry content through investigations similar to those that might be conducted in the professional chemical engineering industry, including Chevron’s own labs. 


“Chevron’s investment in education in the South Bay supports our school districts' efforts to increase and broaden their educational offerings,” said Don Knabe, Los Angeles County Supervisor representing the County’s 4th District. “As an important contributor to the state’s economy, their investment in education expands the availability of innovative K-12 education programs and helps prepare young people with the knowledge and skills needed for the jobs of tomorrow.”  


Schools and programs supported by the $2 million grant include:

  • California Academy of Math and Science
  • El Segundo Unified School District
  • El Camino College
  • Centinela Valley Union High School District
  • Da Vinci Science Academy
  • Environmental Charter High School
  • Hawthorne School District
  • Hermosa Beach City School District
  • Hawthorne Math & Science Academy
  • Lennox Math, Science and Technology Academy
  • Manhattan Beach Unified School District
  • Roundhouse Aquarium Oceanographic Teaching Station
  • Project Lead the Way
  • Wiseburn School District
  • Redondo Beach Unified School District

More Than 800 Community Members Tour El Segundo Refinery

General Manager greets refinery visitors

On Saturday, November 6, the Chevron El Segundo Refinery hosted more than 800 guests at its Annual Community Tour Day. Each bus tour started off with a welcome from El Segundo Refinery General Manager Frank Semancik who gave a brief history of the facility. Guests were then treated to an hour long tour around the plant narrated by current and retired El Segundo Refinery employees.

"Community Tour Day is a fantastic opportunity for the community to learn more about our facility and to ask questions about our operations," states Rod Spackman, Chevron's Manager of Policy, Goverment and Public Affairs. "We enjoy meeting our neighbors and sharing with them what we do."

The El Segundo Refinery will be celebrating its 100th Anniversary in 2011. Next year's Community Tour Day will be held in conjunction with centenniel celebrations. Please visit in early 2011 for more details.

Chevron Makes $100,000 Available to South Bay School Educators with the Chevron/ Double Your Impact Campaign

Thanks to a Double Your Impact campaign offer from and Chevron Corp., beginning immediately, science, technology, engineering and math educators (teachers, librarians and counselors) from across the South Bay, including those from 24 area schools, will have an opportunity to receive funding for their classroom projects. Chevron will contribute up to $100,000 to the South Bay area educators through this campaign. Hundreds of local teachers have already benefited from donations! And today, Chevron announced, hundreds more could benefit this year starting immediately! Chevron will provide the first half of the necessary funding for each classroom project proposed in the school districts below; the rest of the funds will be contributed by other donors in the community, thereby accelerating how quickly teachers will be able to put their projects into motion for students. Area educators can post their projects to the website and residents can donate there as well. Check out the site for more details on how the Double Your Impact campaign works.

Chevron has partnered with as part of its California Partnership, an initiative to invest in education and economic development in their home state. Under the initiative, Chevron is expanding its partnerships with nonprofits focused on supporting underserved communities, including relationships with more than 20 new nonprofit partners providing programs for education, entrepreneurs and job training. For more information on Chevron’s community investment endeavors in California visit: Partnering with California | Chevron

Eligible School Districts in the South Bay (24 schools)

• El Segundo Unified School District
• Manhattan Beach Unified School District
• Hawthorne School District
• Wiseburn School District
• Da Vinci Schools
• Hermosa Beach City School District
• Redondo Beach Unified School District
• Lawndale Elementary School District
• Lawndale Environmental Charter School
• Lennox Math, Science and Technology Academy
• Lennox School District
• Torrance Unified School District
• California Academy of Mathematics and Science (CAMS)
• Centinela Valley Union High School District
• Inglewood Unified School District

Contact: Lily Craig, Chevron Policy, Government & Public Affairs Representative
Phone: 310-615-5483


Chevron Volunteers Help Heal the Bay at Annual Coastal Cleanup

Chevron Group

Heal the Bay’s Coastal Cleanup Day (CCD) began in 1985 and has grown into a huge annual event. Every state with a coastline participates, including the Great Lakes states, and even some inland states clean river and lake shores. The one-day cleanup is international—at last count, over 60 nations participated—and may be the largest volunteer day on the planet.

The most recent Coast Cleanup Day was held on Saturday, September 18. Over 30 Chevron employees and their family members participated in the El Porto Beach cleanup helping to collect hundreds of thousands of pounds of trash that pollute our local beaches every year.


Chevron Employees and Family Volunteer at Yosemite Valley Trails

Yosemite Group

As part of the Chevron-sponsored Yosemite Fund program, 22 El Segundo Refinery employees and their family members spent the weekend of August 20 – 22 working to help restore an area of the Yosemite Valley trails.

The Yosemite Valley trails are legendary. They are some of the most historically valuable and heavily used trails in the entire park system. These trails are in a state of ongoing deterioration; a continued program of repairs is required to maintain their functionality, scenic quality, and historic value.

Since 1990, Chevron employees have spent thousands of volunteer hours helping to maintain, restore and rehabilitate sections of the Yosemite Valley trails. This year’s group of volunteers worked to remove a section of old road in the upper part of the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias and delineate a foot trail in its place. Work included removing small pieces of asphalt using shovels, rakes, buckets and wheelbarrows. The volunteers also assisted in restoring the wide swath of road bed to a narrower trail. Restoration actions included trail delineation with natural features, soil decompaction, naturalization of the area with imported duff, logs and boulders, and new plantings to encourage revegetation of the area.


49th Annual Chevron Manhattan Beach Grand Prix

Chevron Manhattan Beach Grand Prix Winner

Chevron Manhattan Beach Grand Prix Winner

Yosvany Falcon of the Bahati Foundation Elite Cycling Team captured his first Chevron Manhattan Beach Grand Prix (MBGP) title at the 49th annual race held on June 27, 2010 at Live Oak Park in Manhattan Beach, Calif. Pam Schuster of SoCal Velo captured the women's title winning the sprint by a bike length, besting her teammate Priscilla Calderon and Anna Drukullich (Herbalife La Grange). 

The MBGP was founded in 1962 by local racing legend Ted Ernst.  Ted is still active in the racing community and oversees the Kids' Races. As the race has grown over the past 49 years, it has developed a reputation for providing high-quality competition that benefits both the community and the athlete. Chevron has been the proud title sponsor of the event for the last 20 years, which benefits the Manhattan Beach Lion's Club and the South Bay Wheelmen.


Chevron Celebrates Diversity at Annual LA PRIDE Festival


Chevron employees joined their partners and family members for the 40th Annual LA Pride Festival held at West Hollywood Park on June 12 and 13. This was Chevron’s fourth year as a sponsor and participant of the event, which attracted over 200,000 visitors, with several thousand visiting Chevron’s spin wheel booth.

This annual event offers an opportunity for all who gather to be celebrated, entertained, educated and encouraged in finding new ways of generating Pride values for greater equality and social acceptance. It is organized by the Christopher Street West Association, Inc, a 501(c)3 organization within the gay, lesbian bisexual and transgendered community of Greater Los Angeles, committed to the goals of human rights, education, outreach and better understanding within their community, as well as the heterosexual community.  

Chevron Announces $1 Million Investment in South Bay Schools

$1 Million Grant to STEM

On April 8, 2010, Chevron Products Company presented a series of  “Energy for Learning” grants totaling $1 million to 15 South Bay schools, signifying the largest science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM)-related donation ever made by Chevron’s El Segundo Refinery in support of  local educational programs.  As part of the announcement activities, and in recognition of Mathematics Awareness Month, some of the area’s top performing students demonstrated their most recent STEM projects for local educators, civic leaders, business partners and Chevron employees at the Chevron Employee Park. CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO

Chevron Employees and Family Walk to Fight Breast Cancer

Race for the Cure

Chevron employees, family members, and El Segundo community members recently participated in the 14th Annual Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure® held on Sunday, March 14, 2010, at Dodger Stadium. The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure® raises funds for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure®, the global leader of the breast cancer movement. Since its inception in 1982, Susan G. Komen for the Cure® has invested nearly $1.5 billion to help with the fight against breast cancer.

Chevron’s donation of $100,000 to the organization was raised through a breast cancer awareness event held during the month of October 2009 in our company operated and company owned Chevron gas stations. Please visit for more information about Susan G. Komen for the Cure®.

Chevron Volunteers Celebrate Arbor Day by Helping the Environment

Chevron Employees Help Plant Trees

Nearly 100 Chevron employees and their families worked to better the environment at the Tree Musketeers’ 23rd Annual Arbor Day tree planting event held on Saturday, March 6, 2010. Chevron volunteers, in addition to over 300 other volunteers, planted 150 native trees along Washington Street in El Segundo. As a dedicated partner of Tree Musketeers, Chevron volunteers have spent hundreds of hours helping to make our community a more beautiful place while supporting the mission of the Tree Musketeers.




Chevron Helps Raise $122,000 for the Richstone Center

Richstone Pier to Pier Walk

On Saturday, April 25, over 40 employees and family members from the Chevron El Segundo Refinery participated in the 22nd Annual Richstone Pier-to-Pier Walk, which raised $122,000 for the Richstone Family Center. Chevron participants, along with nearly 1200 others, walked the 3.4 mile route from the Manhattan Beach Pier to the Hermosa Beach Pier and back to help raise funds to prevent and treat child abuse. The Richstone Family Center, located in Hawthorne and incorporated in 1974, was established to prevent and treat child abuse, to strengthen families, and to prevent violence in families, schools and communities. To learn more about the Richstone Family Center, please visit their Web site at


Chevron Donates $50,000 to the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation

Donation to Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation

On Saturday, April 25, the Chevron El Segundo Refinery donated $50,000 to the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation (AARBF), a California-based nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing burns and fires and providing services to those who have been affected by a burn injury. AARBF brings together health care providers, firefighters, emergency workers, burn survivors and others to enhance the quality of life for burn survivors and to make burn injuries a thing of the past. Chevron has been donating to AARBF for the last 12 years and has donated close to $200,000. This year’s donation of $50,000 tops Chevron’s previous record donation of $40,000 to AARBF in 2007. As in past years, this year’s donation was made possible by efforts led by the Chevron El Segundo Refinery Fire Department, as well as many other Chevron El Segundo employees. More information about the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation can be found at 


Gary Yesavage Named President of Chevron Global Manufacturing

Gary Yesavage

EL SEGUNDO, California, March 17, 2009 – Gary Yesavage, currently general manager of Chevron’s El Segundo refinery, has been appointed president of Chevron Global Manufacturing. In his new role, Mr. Yesavage will be responsible for leading the company's worldwide manufacturing operations with a team of 5,500 employees in eight countries. Global Manufacturing is comprised of 16 refineries worldwide, seven of which are wholly owned and nine joint ventures. Mr. Yesavage is scheduled to begin in his new role on May 1. Read the full press release.  


Chevron Volunteers Help to Beautify Our Community

Arbor Day volunteering

Nearly 50 Chevron employees and their families helped to beautify El Segundo at the Tree Musketeers’ Annual Arbor Day tree planting event held on Saturday, March 7, 2009. Chevron volunteers, along with over 300 other members of the residential and business community, planted 75 trees along Hughes Way located between West Basin Municipal Water District and Plaza El Segundo. Each tree planted will generate $31,250 worth of oxygen, provide $62,000 of air pollution control, recycle $37,500 of water and control $32,250 of soil erosion while sequestering 2½ tons of CO2, over a 50-year lifetime. Chevron, a long-standing partner of Tree Musketeers, has spent hundreds of hours volunteering with the organization in support of its mission “to empower young people to be leaders of environmental and social change in Earth’s communities.” 


Chevron Sponsors City Election Candidates Forum presented by the Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce


Five candidates vying for three Manhattan Beach City Council seats answered questions about local issues before a large crowd at the Manhattan Beach City Election Candidates Forum on Tuesday, February 24, at American Martyrs Church. The forum presented by the Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce and sponsored by Chevron and other Chamber Circle members included City Council incumbents Richard Montgomery and Nick Tell, and newcomers Kathleen Paralusz, Wayne Powell and Peter Gallagher. Tim Lilligren, current Treasurer for the City of Manhattan Beach who is running unopposed for a second term was also invited to make a brief statement at the event. The forum, which was moderated by Rod Spackman, Chevron's Manager of Policy, Government and Public Affairs, included questions related to our current economic climate, ideas for increasing City revenues and the City's recent ban on plastic bag usage by retailers. The city-wide vote will take place on March 3. 


Energy Sources

According to the International Energy Agency, there will be a 50% increase in the global demand for energy by 2030. The world will need all the energy we can develop, in everypotential form. While finding new ways to develop the use of traditional resources, such as oil and natural gas, Chevron is also doing its part to develop emerging sources of energy. Click on the link below to learn more about what Chevron is doing to help ensure the world's energy needs are met. Find out more about energy sources.



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