Delivering New Coke Drums to Chevron's El Segundo Refinery

To help ensure the continued operation of the Chevron El Segundo Refinery, we replaced six existing coke drums. The massive new drums traveled 7,330 miles from Spain to the Port of Los Angeles, but it was the last 4.5 miles of the trip, along the Pacific Coast Highway to the refinery, that were the most complex. The new drums were installed in the same location within the refinery, replacing the old drums, which were nearing the end of their useful life.

Project Overview

In order to help ensure the continued safe and reliable operation of the Chevron El Segundo Refinery, Chevron replaced six existing coke drums that were reaching the end of their useful life with new drums of the same size and location within the refinery.

The coke drums are an important component of the Chevron Refinery, which supplies over 20% of the motor vehicle fuels used in Southern California and over 40% of the jet fuel at the Los Angeles International Airport. The purpose of these changes is to increase reliability of the coke drum operations while taking advantage of more than 40 years of industry advances in coke drum design.

Safety is Chevron's number one priority and was strictly maintained throughout the Coke Drum Reliability Project.

Coke drums arrive from Spain

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  • Coke drums arrive from Spain
  • Drums offloaded at King Harbor
  • Coke drums continue their journey
  • Residents and business owners watch the drums pass by
  • As tall as a three-story building
  • California Highway Patrol officers provide an escort for the drums
  • Massive drums makes their way to the refinery
  • The drums are transported safely
  • Drums make their final approach
  • Drums make their way through tree-lined streets
  • Drums safely arrived into the El Segundo Refinery
  • Drums safely arrived into the El Segundo Refinery
  • El Segundo's Coker Unit

Coke Drum Project: Simulation Video Overview


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